Shabba-Doo's House of Shway - Logo Design

Task Focused, designer of the BUSOG logo, designed the House of Shway(Shabba-Doo's Way) under BUSOG. Shabba-Doo will be in NY/NJ in June, teaching and working with R.E.S.E.T. Lockers. He will also be teaching a workshop at Broadway Dance Center.

Rino from The Beat Freaks... rockin the new Kelly Green colorway

This was taken at Iconic Dance Studio in Jersey !

Fanny Pak | Busog - Workshop with Cara and Phil - Choreo and Shoutout

Thanks for the support... y'all come back now!

Fanny Pak's Glenda, Phill and Tiffani Rock Panda Sal @ Times Sq Workshop

Hey guys.. Fanny Pak's in NYC and guess what?
They rocked the Panda Sal's during their first class in Times Square...

They'll be back next Wednesday for more action... are you "full" of dance yet?


New Panda Sals in stock now

Click on the image below !


What more can I ask for ! Thanks for all your support !

What more can I ask for ! Thanks for all your support !

Joey Antonio from A.S.I.I.D. and his brother rock the Manny T

Check it out.. Joey from from A.S.I.I.D. rockin the Manny T on Fight Night !

Brian of R.A.M. Squad from Penn State - Rockin Manny T

Check out this video folks..

Brian Henninger repping the Manny T @ Penn State.

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