Don't forget to watch Rhythm City from NYC on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 : Rockin with BUSOG !
Don't forget to vote ! Good luck to Fr3sh from NJ as well ! Airs on Sunday , August 9th @ 9pm EST.

Lil Jon Design - Check and Approved !

Thanks Lil Jon.... Much love and respect to the work you do ! King of Crunk !

Collab with EJordanill - Drake Drizzy

Drake inspired design for his America's Most Wanted Tour and for his successful recovery from surgery ! God Bless ya !

You can checkout the article on Format Magazine

Panda Sal - 'Stare' Launched !

Click HERE to cop it today !

FIND BUSOG in Jersey City this Sunday June 28th

Philippine-American Friendship Day 19th Grand Parade

Philippine-American Friendship Day 19th Grand Parade
Where: From Plaza Rizal to Exchange Place
When: Sunday, June 28, 2009 from 8AM - 7PM

We will have only 30 Limited Manny T's with the updated record !
1 for $25
2 for $40 (for those who greet my mom happy birthday )

JR Aquino Rocks out with BUSOG - Panda Sal


The Beat Freaks rocking Panda Sal Spinoff in NYC

Napoleon D'umo at W.O.D. NYC supporting BUSOG

Napoleon D'umo of So You Think You Can Dance and ABDC supporting BUSOG. Darwin of BUSOG also rocking the new Panda Spinoff. How fitting to rock the Vote 4 Karla hat the same day ! Don't forget FOX on Wednesday Nights @ 8pm. Vote 4 KARLA .. don't matter who her partner is !

Also hanging out with my boys from the Boogie Bots , Cara of Fanny Pak and my Beat Freak chicas !

Special Edition - Father's Day Manny Gloves - PRE-ORDER

The new Manny Father's Day Edition is on Pre-order !
$20. Printed on Triblend American Apparel Shirts!
Comes in Light Blue or Coffee !
Get yours today.. limited quantities printed !

Click on the store on the right to buy a shirt !
Or you can call and pick it up from me in New York City or Jersey City !

Philippine Independence Day Parade

Sold out of all the Manny shirts I stuffed in my bag to sell at the Parade in NYC !

Didn't even have to hustle it.. hahaa. they just asked !

First pic was night before at PNOY Apparel's Shirt the Kids ,

I'm with Jon de Castro and Czar (founder of Pnoy Apparel).. and me rockin the new Panda Sal T

Second picture shows Ron Riz and his Cincinatti crew showing some support.. he bought two at WEST (147 West 72nd Street, NYC ) !

Shabba-Doo's House of Shway - Logo Design

Task Focused, designer of the BUSOG logo, designed the House of Shway(Shabba-Doo's Way) under BUSOG. Shabba-Doo will be in NY/NJ in June, teaching and working with R.E.S.E.T. Lockers. He will also be teaching a workshop at Broadway Dance Center.

Rino from The Beat Freaks... rockin the new Kelly Green colorway

This was taken at Iconic Dance Studio in Jersey !

Fanny Pak | Busog - Workshop with Cara and Phil - Choreo and Shoutout

Thanks for the support... y'all come back now!

Fanny Pak's Glenda, Phill and Tiffani Rock Panda Sal @ Times Sq Workshop

Hey guys.. Fanny Pak's in NYC and guess what?
They rocked the Panda Sal's during their first class in Times Square...

They'll be back next Wednesday for more action... are you "full" of dance yet?


New Panda Sals in stock now

Click on the image below !


What more can I ask for ! Thanks for all your support !

What more can I ask for ! Thanks for all your support !

Joey Antonio from A.S.I.I.D. and his brother rock the Manny T

Check it out.. Joey from from A.S.I.I.D. rockin the Manny T on Fight Night !

Brian of R.A.M. Squad from Penn State - Rockin Manny T

Check out this video folks..

Brian Henninger repping the Manny T @ Penn State.





Manny T featured on Ethos Magazine !

Manny T - Given a write up at Ethos Magazine.. Click Image below to view :

FIGHTHYPE.COM Links to Manny T Sale !

Thanks to Ben for placing the Manny T add on his site.
Much thanks for the support !

Take a look here



Will ship out on Tuesday! Save on shipping by picking up from me in NYC !

Please click the image below to order

Sneak Peek @ Manny Pacquiao inspired shirt

Will be available for pre-purchase this weekend, will ship out and you'll get it before the fight !
Glove design on front and the record (in foil) on back.........

Limited amounts available due to record changing after the fight ! Get at me if you want one !


Manny Inspired Glove ($30)

My First Write Up !

Pick up your shirts today..!

Manny Pacman Design dropping in stores Wednesdays, April 29th

Will be at WEST (147 West 72nd Street, NY,NY 10023)....

Certain people will also be rocking it @ Prelude EC April 25th ... lookout for it.. you can't miss it !

Thanks for the support.


Finally set something up in the meantime while the site is down:
buy Panda Sal today
*Sorry for the limited amounts, more to come real soon !

R.E.S.E.T. Lockers rock Panda Sal @ TOUCH featuring Kaba Modern

Arnel Calvario.. founder of Kaba Modern of Season 1 of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew and also manager of Fanny Pak and Beat Freaks also loved the design and will rock the shirt !
Thanks for all your support.. i'm truly blessed !

R.E.S.E.T. Lockers from New Jersey !
R.E.S.E.T. stands for Refocused on Eternal Salvation and Empowered Testimonies! The group started out at Rutgers University as a bboy crew in 2002. In the fall 2004 they became a ministry serving at various places in the New York/New Jersey Metroplitan area. R.E.S.E.T. is made up of various artists, songwriters, poets, musicians and dancers. R.E.S.E.T. Funk includes dancers from groups such as Rhythmology, Rock With Finesse, D.N.A, Fr3sh Dance Troupe, The Boogie Bots, Part Time Models, NuSense and Warhol Soup! Straight up they Dance for Jesus Christ representing the Funk Styles and music. Be Blessed yall!!

Arnel Calvario with Kaba Modern and
R.E.S.E.T. @ Touch .

Panda Sal dropped in stores today !

Our first shirt design,Panda Sal, was dropped off at WEST (147 West 72nd Street, NYC).

While dropping it off, we sold our first shirt to a couple from Australia !

Thanks for all your support, it will come back around!

God Bless !

Next Designs to come out : Lil Jon and Manny Pacquiao Glove ! Be on the lookout !


Busog (pronounced boo-soog) is an independently run Fashion/Style Company which consists of Artists i’ve met and connected with in the past. The community of designers I have built have made an impact on my life throughout the years. Don A (aka Ellis) I went to college with, Dago I met through a common friend from Italy, Rob C. i've worked with at the current production company i'm at.

The name Busog (boo-soog) comes from the Tagalog (filipino) word for full. Yes it has to do with food. Thanks Ate Cherms for the input on this.. much love! I love this word because it relates a lot to the Filipino culture. Other than having the actual word being in Tagalog, being full (of food) in any filipino home is a must. Haha. Whenever you go to a traditional filipino home, and their parents are home, you will be fed (most of the time). They’ll place food in front of you even though you said you just ate, or don’t want any. And out of respect, you have some food. Our goal is that you are full and satisfied.

Being full is also my goal in life, I want everyone to understand where i’m coming from. I go the extra mile to help those in need, w/o even trying. I put others before myself just so I can see them happy and thus in return that makes me happy. Without the gift of giving, i can not be filled and so I think this is just another way of mine to give back to everyone. To find a style/fashion that people can relate to and thus have a meaning and purpose for wearing. I hope you will support me and my designers and I’ll keep you updated at the launch of the first shirt ! Much love and God Bless !

©2009 BUSOG (boo-soog) means "full" | by TNB